Resist Everything Except Temptation (watermeloned) wrote,
Resist Everything Except Temptation

Too busy on this weekend?

Srsly, I'm like all over the place :D.

Yesterday was like this -

In the morning I had class from 1030 in Gakugei, then I had to rush to Kokugakuin in Shibuya to attend the seminar, then I had to rush back to Gakugei to attend a Spring Party, which was rather sweet (actually Remi came with me <3) and I met a nice japanese girl. Then from there I rushed to Kris' place, but I had to randomly search for his house, cuz he fell asleep because of some allergy pills but anyway he picked me up eventually and then he made me pasta and coffee <3 and I had a bit of Jack <3 and then Michael came and we watched a movie called "The 4th kind" which was really interesting and we talked well into the night afterwards and fell asleep like 4 in the morning.

Then in the morning I rushed home and had a shower, then I rushed to the hairdresser's which was kind of fail but I got excellent treatment and massage, then I rushed to Shibuya to have a nomikai (drinking party - as if!) with the seminar people which was also fail, coz they took my money and it only lasted for 2 hrs.

And now Kris has talked me into going to the Tokyo Decadence party coz he will buy me the ticket (4000 yen), like an early birthday present. So I have to figure out my way to the place, coz Eva's phone is out and Kris and Michael are security guards there tonight and can't leave to pick me up.


I don't know.

I hope I won't catch any more cold.
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